About us

Our specialty here at Tocumbo is 100% natural homemade ice cream, raspados, and strive on giving Excellent Customer Service. its like no other stuff around. From the basic Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Oreo to Exotic flavors like Mamey, Nanche, Guanabana, Corn, and Rose ice cream. Try something new like our MaNgOnEaDaS or DIABLITOS which is our mango or lime sorbets topped with chunks of mango, chamoy, a little chili powder, and our signature Tarugo! OR pick a popsicle of any flavor and have it dipped in chocolate and covered with a topping for a taste of your own. We have a variety of over 50 different flavors to satisfy our customers. If you get hungry we also have delicious fruit salads, shrimp clamatos, traditional Synchronizadas or try our MegA TortaS Yumm Yumm...


Established in 2004.
Tocumbo is a small town in the state of Michoacan, Mexico where most families are dedicated to the business of 100% natural ice cream. Every town in the country of Mexico that you visit has at least one "Michoacana" ice cream parlor that strives on making ice cream the old fashioned way; Real ice cream should have a sweet, thick, and creamy texture mixed with chunks of fruit, nuts or chocolate. The tradition of real ice cream here in the states has diminished over the years and become very commercial stuff with a lot of fluffines and no bang!. We hope to bring back the tradition of which ice cream was meant to be

Meet the Business Owner

Gerardo R.
Business Owner

Gerardo has served customers for over 30 years and is a big People person. You can always see him smiling and being attentive to whatever his customer wants. He has 3 goals in business and they are to Provide a clean atmosphere in the shop, Provide Great customer service, and Provide an extraordinary product. The End result...." Happy Returning Customers"